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by Vietnam – Belgium Master Programs


1 x partial scholarship, 124 million VND

· (equaling to 50% of the study cost)

· 2 x partial scholarship, 62 million VND

(equaling to 25% of the study cost)

And tens of “Early bird” scholarships

For managers and executives in the companies and businesses operating in Vietnam

Scholarship application deadline: 7/7/2017


1/ General information

- It is applied to selected candidates of MBA program for the new intake 2017;

- Scholarship is not convertible to cash and not transferable;

- Type of scholarship can be interchanged. The jury board reserves the right to decide the type and the number of scholarships granted on the basis of the selection results;

- All applications must go through HR (or general management if no HR dept);

- Failed applicants can enjoy early-bird rate at the deadline given. (details on;;

- The scholarship results will be announced on websites of International School of Management and Economics, NEU or Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

2/ Application

- Application Forms from MBA program (download from or;

- Letter of recommendation signed by the company, in which directors comment about the seniority and performance (available form);

- Copies of certificates and degrees;

- Deadline for submission: July 7th , 2017

3/ Selection criteria

Ø For application

o Qualified for MBA admission:

§ Working experience of 3 years or more;

§ English competencies (TOEFL 530, IELTS 6.0, TOEIC 650, B2 CEFR or equivalent evidence);

o Working for the current company at least one year or more.

Ø For scholarship grant

o Solvay Test (GMAT wise) and “Why me” essay;

o Assessment by the jury board (by VB programs + 2 business people) in which:

§ Applicant presents a typical case of success;

§ Applicant shows off capability for leadership;

§ Applicant answers questions.

For more details, please contact Ms. Lê Mai Trang

Hotline: 0968102106, Tel: 04-36285711, Email:

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